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Welcome to PWI OneDay's Guild site!
Welcome to the Official OneDay site!!

We are a friendly, supportive guild that runs BH, TT, Base Trials, Light TW, NW, and other fun shennanigans!! Although OneDay is not a hardcore faction, our goal is to make PWI more enjoyable for everyone.

Recruiting all levels/classes.

We hope that you enjoy your time with us and feel free to ask for help!
See you in game! :)

--OneDay Leadership
OneDay Family
Hello everyone! Welcome to OneDay!
~ "I want the world to be better because I was here."

January 26 2013 ~ Present Day
OUR VENT IS EXPIRED SO WE ARE ON RAIDCALL voice server (Our number is 6425884)

Advertising the website and raidcall
For the ones on the website already please advertise the website tell people in the faction about the site if they have not registered already. We want to start getting website back up and the forums used within the faction.

Helping & Behavior
Like we mentioned above, helping is a massive part of our family. We like to help, not give, meaning if you want something you help us get it done, but we are not going to give away your game- where's the fun in that? :P
Also, for our behavior requirement, there isnt much. Just be nice and dont intentionally be mean to another person. We are pretty big on the being mean deal, you can joke around but please dont come into our faction if you're going to be a rotten apple :(

OneDay Management

*Down for the moment, hopefully bring it up and running soon